Street Food Catering

If you are looking for a street food caterer to bring your market to life, then The Hogfather is here to help. Specialising in a variety of locally, ethically reared meats and mouthwatering side dishes, we know how to bring drama and culinary artistry to any market event. As passionate street food caterers, we are always looking for the next challenge, happy to cater at rural farmers’ markets, gourmet foodie markets in central city locations or festivals- wherever The Hogfather is needed, we will do our best to be there.

Our eye catching frontage is a welcoming beacon after dark and a mecca of gourmet excellence during the day, showcasing a hearty, beautifully finessed menu of sizzling spit roasted, barbecued and smoked meat and tantalising homemade hot dogs. Using our own unique blend of wood chippings to perfectly enhance the naturally delicious flavours, we are able to provide a whole host of roast beasts at your request; apart from the ever popular hog roast, we can also feature rare breed lamb, sixteen hour smoked beef brisket or even rotisserie jerk chicken. Whatever your preference, all of our meat comes from happy, well cared for animals to ensure premium quality and peace of mind.

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